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Jo’s Story

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In December 2016, single mother Jo was given 60 days to vacate her rental home as it was due for sale. With Christmas so close and most businesses already closed for the holidays, she was shattered and concerned about finding a new place to rent.

She tried to persuade the land agent to give an extension but received no response to her requests. She started the search for a new home for her small family by applying for public housing and searching for homeless shelters, and in this process found HomeGround Real Estate (HGRE).

HomeGround Real Estate

Jo applied for the Affordable Housing Initiative and was granted a property at sub market rent. Moving into her new home was a relief and she was finally able to breathe easy.

She started planning for the future, reassured that she no longer needed new schooling arrangements for her two sons aged 10 and 13.

Jo says, “With housing no longer an issue, I was able to resume normal daily functions and perform at work without the nagging worry of homelessness.”

She says that access to a suitable property with HomeGround Real Estate has given her stability at so many different levels.

Her boys were able to continue to access the quality schools, programs and facilities in the area she lived, and her older son was able to start his first year in his chosen high school as planned.

More importantly they were able to be close to their support network of friends and neighbours.

HomeGround Real Estate provides landlords and tenants with professional property management services. For Jo, the difference in customer service and professionalism shown by staff is pleasantly surprising.

Having experienced the opposite with mainstream real estate agencies she notes that HomeGround Real Estate staff are respectful and treat people with dignity.

Jo says the agency provides professional real estate services with heart, and property managers promptly respond to enquiries and maintenance requests.

“[HomeGround Real Estate is a] progressive ever-evolving organisation that networks with organisations and individuals in our community to bring together precious resource in delivering relevant, real-world and life changing solutions to the ever growing issue of homelessness.”  – Jo, HGRE Tenant

The Home Ground Real Estate model is an innovative model designed to increase affordable housing supply in the community and address the growing issue of homelessness.

As a social enterprise operated by Launch Housing, HGRE partners with the community members to provide more housing for those in a crisis.

A recent partnership with Yarra Trams through their inaugural Community Partnerships Program has provided new opportunities for us to collaborate on solutions to end homelessness.

Learn more about the Yarra Trams Community Partnership.

Have you seen a HomeGround Real Estate tram ad?

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You may have seen the HomeGround Real Estate ads which showcase how “We manage your property, you make a difference” by listing with a not-for-profit real estate agency.

Yarra Trams Community Partnership Program

HomeGround Real Estate was recently selected for Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program along with seven other community organisations championing diversity and inclusion in Melbourne. The program provides a share of $1 million in free advertising to not-for-profit organisations that promote diversity, inclusion and make a positive impact.

“We are excited to be part of this inaugural program and are so grateful for the generosity of Yarra Trams,” said Heather Holst, Launch Housing Acting CEO. “We are always looking for landlords to list their properties with us so we can provide more housing options for people who need it most. We hope this serves as a platform to inform Melburnians about how they can help end homelessness through our not-for-profit real estate agency.”

The tram face advertising has been seen on the Yarra Trams system since May and will coincide with Homelessness Week August 6 – 12.

“People rely on Melbourne’s tram network to get them to the places they need to go, and the Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program enables us to extend our support for the community we serve beyond our passengers’ journeys,” said Yarra Trams CEO Nicolas Gindt.“We are building strong relationships with our community partners, including HomeGround Real Estate, that champion diversity and inclusion in Melbourne every day.”

How does HomeGround Real Estate Make a Difference for Victorians?

More than 116,000 Australians experience homelessness on any given night so providing solutions to connect people with more affordable housing is paramount.  HomeGround Real Estate works closely with our partners such as Yarra Trams to build strong relationships with community organisations and assist individuals with affordable housing.

As a social enterprise operated by Launch Housing, HomeGround Real Estate provides landlords and tenants with professional property management services. The property management fees landlords pay are then invested back into Launch Housing’s affordable housing solutions.

For lower income earners the lack of affordable housing can lead to stress with the pressure of unsustainable rental payments and the uncertainty of temporary living arrangements.

That’s why HomeGround Real Estate also gives socially conscious landlords the opportunity to offer a discount on the market rent to low income households while receiving professional property management services.

Even a 10% discount on market rent can make a big difference to a person or household on a low income by creating more affordable housing in Melbourne. HomeGround Real Estate works closely with tenants and landlords to ensure a successful tenancy for both parties.

Plus, for HomeGround Real Estate landlords who have listed property at a discounted rental rate the Australian Tax Office has made a class ruling to let them claim the gap as a tax deduction at the end of financial year.

HomeGround Real Estate Landlord Philip Endersbee says, “It’s an opportunity for those fortunate enough to be property owners to be part of something bigger, something which can change lives and have a lasting impact”.

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