What services do you provide?

The services provided by HomeGround Real Estate are second-to-none. We have over 15 years experience in property and tenancy management and take pride in the personal approach we have in taking care of your property.

Essentially, HomeGround Real Estate can manage your property at full market rent, at a reduced market rent, or on a philanthropic basis. We work around your individual situation.

Here you can see our Schedule of Services or the services we provide as part of the Affordable Housing Initiative. 

How will you select the renters for my property?

Each prospective renter is required to complete a comprehensive tenancy application form. There are a number of criteria which your property manager will assess each applicant against. The two main criteria are the renter’s ability to pay the rent and their ability to maintain your property in its current condition. We take into account the applicant’s current income, previous rental history, employment history and references provided.

HomeGround Real Estate also use the National Tenancy Database to check the tenancy history of applicants.

Once checked, the property manager will contact you with a recommendation to assist you with selecting a suitable renter. Matching renters and rental providers is something HomeGround Real Estate has a lot of experience in. We will ensure that only the most suitable renter is selected for your property.

How will you advertise my property?

The marketing package for your property will be individually tailored to ensure you get maximum exposure and get the right renters into your property as quickly as possible. Your property will be listed on our website and on Australia’s no. 1 property site realestate.com.au.

How do you collect the rent?

Rent will be collected via direct debit, BPAY or Centrepay. This will be set up at the commencement of the tenancy.

When will rent be transferred to my account?

Rent will be transferred to your nominated bank account monthly after the rental payment has been made by the renter.

What happens to the bond?

The bond is collected by us when the renter signs their tenancy agreement. We are required by law to lodge the bond with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority within five days of receiving the payment. The bond will only be released by the Bond Authority when a bond release form is signed by both the renter and yourself. The signatures will be matched with the original bond lodgement form.

What happens to my management fee?

In contrast to other real estate agencies, HomeGround Real Estate will reinvest your management fee back into the community via our Affordable Housing Initiative. Not only will your fee ensure you receive top quality property management services but also that you are helping us to achieve our mission of ending homelessness.

Please call our office on 9288 9600 to find out further details.

How often can I increase the rent?

You may only increase the rent on a fixed-term rental agreement at the end of the agreement. On periodic tenancies, you are able to increase the rent every six months (renters must be given no less than 60 days written notice of the increase).

We will offer our experienced advice around increasing the rent on your property. There are a range of factors to consider, including the potential loss of rental income if the rental amount is too high.

How often will you inspect my property?

Property inspections take place once every six months. Renters are advised of inspections 14 days before the inspection. HomeGround Real Estate will provide a report to you on the condition of your property complete with photos after each inspection takes place.

How will maintenance and repairs be managed?

All maintenance requests are addressed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). Renters are provided with access to our maintenance form online. We have a network of capable tradespeople and contractors available to carry out maintenance and repairs as well as a dedicated after-hours service. Alternatively, we can keep on file your preferred contractors.

We will discuss with you any maintenance or repairs reported or we can manage maintenance matters (up to a certain dollar amount as nominated by you) if you prefer not to be involved. We will liaise closely with the renters and contractors to ensure all issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

In some cases, urgent repairs are required after hours. Renters are directed to contact our trusted after-hours contractors who will assess the damage and act to best protect your asset.