1. List your property with HomeGround Real Estate

Simply by having your investment property with HomeGround Real Estate, you’re already helping us to end homelessness.

We reinvest any profits from our industry-standard property management fee back into the community to help fund services and programs.So at the same time that you’re relaxing in the knowledge that your investment property is in expert hands, you’re also helping to create accessible housing for all.

2. Offer your property at below market rental rate

The high cost of rent is a major impediment to housing being accessible to all Victorians.

By offering our property for rent at below market rate, you have the power to help those who are at risk of homelessness. A figure just 10% less than market rate is enough to make housing affordable for thousands of Victorians otherwise at risk of homelessness.

Through association with Launch Housing, HomeGround Real Estate place tenants, who would otherwise be at the threat of homelessness, within these more affordable properties, providing the support tenants and landlords require to ensure its a highly rewarding and satisfying outcome for both.

3. Philanthropic options

Property owners can grant assets to HomeGround Real Estate free of charge as a philanthropic gesture on a short, medium or long term basis.

The properties granted to HomeGround Real Estate under these guidelines will be used to house tenants who have been otherwise unable to access permanent accommodation and are currently homeless.

Rent will be charged based on the affordable rental guidelines, and the rent received by HomeGround Real Estate will be used to support tenants and maintain properties as agreed with owners.

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