FAQs for Property Owners

No, not at all. All that ‘social enterprise’ means is that (unlike other real estate agencies) HomeGround Real Estate does not keep the profits it makes as a business. Instead, it passes its profits on to Launch Housing, reinvesting them in your community to help end homelessness.

In fact, most properties that we manage at HomeGround Real Estate are listed at full market rent. So, not only are you doing good in your community, but your property will also generate the rental payments you are looking for. Listings which you may have spotted at a reduced market rent are only listed that way at the philanthropic request of their property owners.

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That’s wonderful! You might like to consider offering families and people with low income a discount on market rent.

Housing is considered affordable when it costs no more than 30% of a person’s income. However, for low-income earners, few rental properties fall within this range, increasing their hardship and (often) their risk of homelessness.

We offer a few options for property owners who want to take that extra step and offer slightly lower rent. Affordable rent, meaning 10% or more below full market rent, can make a big difference to a low-income family… plus you’ll still receive the same premium property management service as always! On top of that, you can claim the discount as a tax deduction at the end of financial year.

Some property owners even decide to lease their property at a social rent, meaning 30% of a person’s income including government benefits plus 100% Commonwealth Rent Assistance. You can contact us to discuss these options.

If you list your property with us at a discounted rental rate, you can claim the gap as a tax deduction at the end of financial year thanks to an ATO class ruling. Better still, when you choose to list your property at a discount of 10% off the market rent, you are making more affordable housing for Victorians who are priced out of the rental market. Please contact your financial adviser or tax accountant for more advice on how this ruling might apply to you and your specific financial situation.

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Matching you with the right renters for your property is something HomeGround Real Estate takes prides in.

Each prospective renter is required to complete a comprehensive rental application. The two main criteria for a successful application are the renter’s ability to pay the rent and their ability to maintain your property in its current condition. Your property manager will assess each applicant’s current income, previous rental history, employment history and references provided to determine their suitability, and assist you in your selection of a renter for your property.

To approve your selection, HomeGround Real Estate use the National Tenancy Database to check the tenancy history of preferred applicants. Once verified, the property manager will contact you with a final recommendation to approve.

Renter selection is completely up to each property owner. While HomeGround Real Estate does not provide social services for people living in (or facing) homelessness, we do have connections with relevant support services for people who need it. We reinvest the profits we make from managing your property, back into the community through the work of Launch Housing. So you can get the premium property management service your looking for, whilst doing something good for your community!

Find out more about Melbourne’s best social enterprise property management services. Enquire today!

You’ll find HomeGround Real Estate provides you with better property management services than a commercial real estate agency would. Our team are passionate about using their wealth of expertise to ensure your experience is second-to-none. 

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Your property’s marketing package is individually tailored to ensure maximum exposure, so you can find the right renters for your property as quickly as possible. Your property will be listed on the HomeGround Real Estate website and on Australia’s no. 1 property site realestate.com.au.

At the commencement of your renter’s tenancy, we assist them to set up regular rental payments. You will receive a monthly transfer to your nominated bank account, once your renter has made their rental payment.

Not only does your property management fee ensure you receive top quality service, along with everything you’d expect from a for-profit property manager, but it also helps to end homelessness! In contrast to other real estate agencies, HomeGround Real Estate reinvests your property management fee back into your community, through the work of Launch Housing.

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You may only increase the rent on a fixed-term rental agreement at the end of the agreement. On periodic tenancies, you may increase the rent every 12 months. Renters must be given no less than 60 days written notice of each increase.

However, there are a range of factors to consider before increasing the rent on your property, including the potential loss of rental income if the rental amount is too high. If you are considering increasing the rent on your property, the experienced team at HomeGround is happy to guide you through the process.

HomeGround staff conduct property inspections every six months.

Renters are advised of inspections 7 days before the inspection. HomeGround Real Estate will provide a report to you on the condition of your property, complete with photos, after each inspection takes place.

All maintenance requests are addressed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). We have a network of capable tradespeople and contractors available to carry out maintenance and repairs, as well as a dedicated after-hours service. Alternatively, we can keep your preferred contractors on file.

We can discuss all maintenance issues reported with you, or we can manage matters up to your nominated amount if you prefer that we handle it directly. We will liaise closely with the renters and contractors to ensure all issues are resolved efficiently and effectively.

In cases where urgent repairs are required after hours, renters are directed to contact trusted after-hours contractors who will assess the damage and act to best protect your asset and interests.

HomeGround Real Estate has a philanthropic rental management program for property owners who’d like to donate the use of their asset to Launch Housing. The properties we manage through this program are used to provide a home to people who are at risk of homelessness. Rent is charged based on affordable rental guidelines and the rent received is used to support renters and maintain properties as agreed with owners.

Please contact us to discuss whether your property may be suitable for this program.

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