6 traits to look for in your next property company

In a city like Melbourne, there is an abundance of choice. Whilst having a variety of options
available is usually considered a good thing, it can also feel overwhelming.

At HomeGround Real Estate, we understand the exhaustion that can come from making countless small decisions, each and every day… let alone the stress and anxiety it’s possible to experience when making a bigger decision, like choosing your next property manager.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of six traits to look for in your next property management company, to help you find the best fit!

  1. A great property management company has a dedicated property management
    Look, we know it sounds simple. But often you’ll find that the most important things are
    simple! If the real estate agency you are considering doesn’t have a dedicated property
    management department, then it could mean that it doesn’t view the task quite as valuable
    as it does sales.
    If this is the case, you might find that the management of your property is being left to the
    front desk staff or reception and admin team who may not have the years of on-the-job
    experience of a dedicated property management department.

    Another way to spot the value of property management to a real estate agency
    is whether the director / owner is overseeing this department. And the more important it is
    to an agency, the better the chance is that they’ll successfully manage your property.

  1. A great property management company has a good understanding of the rental values
    in the market, backed by real experience.
    Requesting a written comparison of rental values in the market is an excellent way to help
    you spot a great property management provider. An experienced and knowledgeable agent
    can benchmark comparable rental properties on the market and advise you of the optimal
    return you ought to receive from your property.
  2. A great property management provider has a good reputation and enough staff to
    manage its workload.
    It pays to remember that bigger is not always better. While you definitely want your next
    property management company to have other clients on its list (speaking to its reputation
    and success) it is also important that you and your property will be treated as a priority. To
    get the personalised service and attention you’re after, you’ll need to make sure that there
    is a good balance of property managers to properties under management. The last thing you
    want to be is just another number on a stressed property manager’s list!

    A great property management company will also have an abundance of references and recommendations on hand from past and current clients who are happy to act as referees.
  1. A great property manager takes the hassle out of the task, but keeps you involved when
    you should be.
    Whether it’s unexpected maintenance, or choosing the right applicant to offer a tenancy, a
    great property manager will have strong processes and systems for the task at hand but will
    always make sure you’re in the loop when it comes to the most critical decisions.
    For instance, they may have a rigorous process for approving applicants – income checks to
    ensure they can keep up with their rental payments; reference and character checks so
    you’ll know they will be the best fit for your property. You should never feel as though the
    final choice of who to approve is not up to you! Similarly, should non-urgent repairs ever
    need to be made at your property, you may want assurance that this is something they will
    run past you first.
  2. A great property manager will represent you in court if needed.
    It’s not something that any of us want, but in the unfortunate case where you experience
    difficulties with your property, you may need to go to court for a resolution. A great
    property manager will not only need to be willing to support you should it ever come to this,
    but also have experience within their team on how to handle the more difficult matters.
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