A Risk Worth Taking

This article was originally published to Simone Curley’s LinkedIn on October 14th 2020.

I’ve been invited to share my journey at the PM Reach Conference. For those of you who don’t know me here’s why;

A couple of years ago I was at the top of my game…or so it appeared. A director of a successful real estate agency with an established network of clients, working in an area rich in culture and community. I was leading a large property management department and still dabbling in property sales and auctioneering, I seemed to have it all…and then I quit.

Everyone thought I was either having a mid-life crisis or a breakdown. What was I going to do next? Who was I going to work for? Would I just end up at another real estate agency making someone else richer?

There were many sleepless nights and a few tears along the way – actually there were more than a few tears, there was a flood of tears…but in my heart I knew that there was something else out there. Something that would reignite my passion for real estate and make me want to get up in the morning. Something with meaning.

I wanted to give back but I had no idea how I could do that in the industry. And then I found HomeGround Real Estate.

This was a match made in heaven. A social enterprise real estate agency that invests its profits back into the community through Launch Housing to help end homelessness. I now lead a team for a cause worth leading.

I’ve got to be honest, talking to a room full of real estate professionals about my journey terrifies the hell out of me and to be honest, I’m a bit embarrassed by it! But through the nerves and no doubt – tears, I know that my story will resonate with someone in the room to believe in themselves and their purpose.

We manage your property.
You make a difference.

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