Creating more affordable housing in Melbourne

How can we work together to create more affordable housing?

As part of our service to rental providers, we offer you the opportunity to help us grow affordable housing in Melbourne. You can offer your property at a below-market rate and help out an individual or household who is struggling to keep housing in the private rental market. You receive the same level of service as all of our rental providers but you are making a contribution to our mission to end homelessness. Even a small reduction in rent can assist someone on a low income.

Where do renters fit in?

Tenancies will be targeted towards housing people who currently at risk of becoming homeless due to being priced out of the rental market. We ensure that renters are placed in the property that works best for all involved and pride ourselves on our skill in this area.

How can rental providers be involved?

1. Quality property and tenancy management services for property owners who are willing to forego a percentage of their rental income to provide affordable rental to low-income renters.

2. A private rental management program for property owners who grant assets to HomeGround Real Estate as a philanthropic gesture (on a short, medium and/or long term basis).

Please contact us to discuss this option with our expert property management team.

Why is such an initiative necessary?

Rental housing affordability is a big problem in Victoria with the price of inner-city rentals often exhausting the income of renters. Over 150,000 people in private rental are paying more than 50 per cent of their income on housing costs, even after receiving rent assistance.

Alongside this, Deputy CEO Launch Housing, Dr Holst said “We have seen a steady increase in the number of people who need assistance with services that can help prevent them becoming homeless and assist those who are already experiencing homelessness”.

This housing stress means that initiatives such as ours will compliment state and national ones. Together, we can all combat unaffordable housing and create a sustainable and fair future.

We manage your property.
You make a difference.

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