Ivy’s Road To A Safe Home

ivys road to a safe home

At HomeGround Real Estate, our profits are reinvested to support Launch Housing in their mission to end homelessness. Ivy is one of Launch Housing’s clients whose road to homelessness started in childhood.

Finding Her Feet

While growing up, Ivy had a violent father and became a ward of the state at 13 years old. Ivy has had many obstacles thrown her way including her 13-year abusive relationship with the father of her three children.

“It got to the point where it was dangerous…  he broke my legs… I had to leave but the boys were removed from me… I was so scared of him, I let that happen… If I went to fight it in court, he would come and bash me.”

With little money and no self-esteem, Ivy fell in with a bad crowd. A drug crowd that led to her role as a witness in a murder trial. At this time, she feared for her life.

“I got stalked by him (the accused)… he was out of jail and they were still investigating him and I had to run.”

But when the man she was living with found out about her criminal stalker, he automatically kicked her out of the home. With no one else to turn to and nowhere else to go, Ivy spent the first of many nights with no roof over her head.

“I ended up sleeping under a pier at a beach. I literally dug a hole and laid my sleeping bag in it.”

A New Path

Ivy ended up at a crisis centre. That’s where she first met Launch Housing Social Worker, Di who helped her find transitional housing. Di was her case worker for two years, supporting her through the process of finding a permanent home.

Ivy remembers the day she was told a house was available for her. She was overjoyed at having a place of her own where she now lives with her youngest son.

“My son is my biggest motivation. He now lives with me full time, which is just amazing… That would never have happened without Launch Housing.”


Watch Ivy’s Story HERE | Learn more about Launch Housing HERE

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