On The Ground Response To COVID-19

Impact stories

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia Launch Housing has been an essential part of Melbourne’s response to those in vulnerable situations. The work they do, in part funded by HomeGround Real Estate’s profits, has meant that people across Melbourne are safe and supported.

Looking Out For Those In Need

Launch Housing outreach workers alone have seen 51% more clients compared to pre-COVID-19 times. Since 16 March 2020 Launch Housing has housed roughly 2,500 people in crisis accommodation. Our city can be proud that we have been able to help those that would have been sleeping rough in the middle of a world health crisis.

In this tough time Launch Housing volunteers have been able to distribute over 240 wellbeing and care packs made by the community to their clients. And well over 1000 hygiene masks have also been given to Launch Housing clients.

Launch Housing’s Private Rental Assistance Program has also reached capacity as they help families stay in rental accommodation amidst job losses across the state. The average number of households that are helped by the Private Rental Assistance Program each month has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic.

To learn more about Launch Housing’s ongoing effort during the COVID-19 pandemic visit their website HERE.

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