What is a rental agreement?

A rental agreement is a legal contract between a renter and a rental provider. Before signing a rental agreement you should read the agreement and make sure you understand it. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your property manager.

Once you have signed a rental agreement we will provide you with a copy within 14 days and will also provide a copy of Renting a home: a guide for renters from Consumer Affairs Victoria.

What is a bond?

A bond is a security deposit a renter pays at the start of a rental agreement. The bond is held by the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority (RTBA) and is paid back to the renter at the end of the tenancy provided no money is owed to the rental provider, there is no damage to the property and the property is returned in good repair (including cleaning).

The bond amount is equivalent to one months rent, unless specified in our advertising. The bond must be paid in full at sign up via a bank cheque made out to the RTBA.

How do I make rental payments?

Your first month’s rent must be paid in full to us handing out any keys to your new property. All rental payments are due monthly thereafter and are usually paid via BPAY. If you have any difficulties paying rent we urge you to contact your property manager as soon as possible to discuss.

How often will you do property inspections?

Your property manager will inspect your property approximately three months into your tenancy and then every six months going forward (this is in line with the Residential Tenancies Act (1997) Allowance for General Inspections). Your property manager will contact you via mail with a proposed date and time. If you would like to arrange a different time please contact your property manager directly and as soon as possible. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the property is being well maintained and also to assess any routine maintenance requirements.

Will you keep a spare set of keys?

We will provide you with a set of keys at the commencement of your tenancy and a spare set of keys will be held by our agency. If you need to access the spare set of keys they will be available during office hours. We will require photo identification and ask you to sign for the keys in the event that you need to borrow the agency set. The keys must be returned within 24-hours of issue. Please be advised that you will be charged the full cost of key and remote/swipe replacement if you do not return the keys to the office.

We would recommend that you make your own arrangements for a spare set of keys that are readily available in the event that you lock yourself out of the property. If you lock yourself out, outside of office hours, you will be responsible for the cost of a locksmith.

Does the property come with any insurance?

You are responsible for home contents insurance while a renter in a rented property. We would advise you to take out insurance to protect your personal property during your tenancy. Rental Providers do not have any obligations to insure your personal items.

How do I report repairs and maintenance?

You can make a repair and maintenance request by completing the form online or by contacting your property manager. We will respond to repairs and maintenance requests in a timely and efficient manner. A contact number for urgent after hours maintenance will be provided to you when signing up to the property.

How long will it take for repairs and maintenance to be dealt with?

HomeGround Real Estate is committed to providing you with the best quality tenancy services. We will work hard to respond to your repair and maintenance requests in a timely manner.


Urgent: contact will be made within two hours, with an aim to have the repairs completed within 24 hrs (slight variances may occur depending on the area and property access granted by renters).
Priority: 7 days
Normal : 14 days

For more information on tenancy issues we recommend you visit the Consumer Affairs Website