Students Sascha and Angelica find creative joy in new apartment

Renters Sacha and Angelica, smiling toward the camera.

Sascha and Angelica recently moved into their new Northcote rental apartment, which is managed by HomeGround Real Estate where all profits are reinvested back into the community. Read about their experience to-date:

Q: Had you heard of HomeGround Real Estate before?
A: We had not heard of HomeGround before! It’s important to us to have great real estate to connect with, so we did some research into HomeGround and were very pleased with the reviews we read, the goals they’re working towards, and the warm and welcoming vibe of their website and staff.

Q: How has your stay in the unit been so far?
A: The leasing process was easy and non-confronting. As Sascha and I are students and part time workers, we often find house hunting to be quite daunting. We worry we will be judged by how we look on paper, but HomeGround made us feel comfortable from the start.

They asked some further questions to confirm our application, and within only a couple of days we were approved for the property. Since being approved, we have mostly dealt with Nina who has been an absolute pleasure to liaise with.

This is the first time we have felt so comfortable and friendly with our real estate agent.

Q: What has it meant to you to live in this unit?
A: Our previous rental was quite unpleasant to live in – both in terms of condition of the property, and a disrespectful relationship with the landlord and real estate agent. For this reason, it was important to us to find somewhere we felt comfortable and seen as the nurturing, trustworthy and open-minded people we are, without judgements purely on our monetary value.

To live in this apartment has been a breath of fresh air for us. We finally feel comfortable in our own home, and we’re excited to bring the place to life. We feel sparks of creativity that we haven’t felt in a long time, and to be surrounded by the wonderful community in Northcote has been a bonus. We are able to explore Melbourne with a fresh pair of eyes, riding our bikes and enjoying what Melbourne has to offer!

Q: What do you believe is the value of a social enterprise real estate agency like us?
A: As a student currently studying Social Work at RMIT (Angelica), I understand the importance of giving back to the community, and having a progressive and creative outlook when it comes to helping others. Homelessness is a huge concern in Melbourne, and it’s inspiring to know that HomeGround is not-for-profit, with all their profits reinvested back into the community through Launch Housing.

I appreciate that their values are not only centred on creating a comfortable living environment for their tenants, but they go beyond in acknowledging those unable to obtain stable housing. I’ve never experienced another real estate with such passion and drive, and it’s super inspiring and comforting to know that I’m supporting such progressive business endeavours.

Q: How does it make you feel to know the property management fees your property owner is paying goes right back into the community?
A: Really wonderful. This shows that not only HomeGround has the right idea – but the property owner also! We actually feel more at home knowing that there are greater goals at work. Thank you HomeGround for the inspiring and forward thinking goals you’re working towards. It’s wonderful to feel a part of this community and agency that is willing to make a difference. Thank you property owner for choosing HomeGround, and thank you HomeGround for making us feel at home.

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