Shannon and Aaron help to support their local community

In 2019, a for-profit real estate agency managed Shannon and Aaron’s Reservoir investment property. When they discovered HomeGround Real Estate’s profits went towards supporting people in their local community, they were keen to learn more.

“Simone explained that HomeGround Real Estate was professional and competitive, just like a regular real estate agency. She also explained that her team would handle the admin required to switch from our existing agency – so it was a real no-brainer!” Shannon said.

The couple said the process of switching agencies was incredibly simple due to the HomeGround team taking care of all the hard work in the process. Knowing their investment property’s management would contribute to a social enterprise that gives back to the community made the choice even simpler.

“HomeGround Real Estate gives socially conscious landlords like us the chance to do something meaningful but simple to address homelessness in Melbourne. We already needed a property manager, so it made perfect sense to let Home Ground manage our property, while at the same time supporting Launch Housing to continue its important work to end homelessness,” she said.

Shannon and Aaron smiling toward the camera, with a quote from their testimonial to the right.

Shannon says knowing the team care about both property owners and their tenants makes a big difference.

“Our property manager Nina is very warm and incredibly helpful. She communicates with us clearly and efficiently about any repairs or issues with our property and she keeps our tenants updated too. She does all the hard work for us. Thanks to her we know that our property and tenants are being very well looked after.

“Homelessness is such a heartbreaking and huge issue, and it’s only getting worse. It can be hard to know what to do to help. Knowing that Home Ground Real Estate and Launch Housing are using the property management fees we pay to continue their work, makes us feel like we’re helping address homelessness in some small way,” she said.

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