Thriving Real Estate Despite Lockdown

It’s a well-known fact that the day you’re going on annual leave is your most productive day of the year. Similarly when COVID-19 first hit I experienced a substantial increase in productivity levels. Everything we’d been discussing and wanting to implement at HomeGround Real Estate was put into action…and quickly. What we had discussed for months as a “Wouldn’t it be good if….” Became a “We need this now!”.

To be able to work remotely we accelerated our use of Trello and Slack, allowing us to continue to work and communicate effectively as a close-knit team. We set up Zoom so we could conduct routine inspections without physically inspecting the property, and arranged for all documents to be sent and signed electronically. We reviewed our marketing strategy and introduced interactive floor plans and 360 tours which have kept our vacancy rates to a minimum and have given prospective renters as much information as possible from the safety of their own home.

These difficult times have tested us but have also motivated us to be better, stronger, and more agile than before. We have educated ourselves to make these changes which we will continue to use and assess in the future.

Change can be daunting but the reward far outweighs the risks. Now is the time to come together as a community to grow and learn, even if it’s from our own living room.

We manage your property.
You make a difference.

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