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What does the extended moratorium on evictions mean for you?

Posted by | October 07, 2020 | Latest News | No Comments
Moratorium on evictions

The moratorium on evictions, originally introduced on 29 March 2020, has been extended by the Victorian Government until 28 March 2021. The measures include a moratorium on evictions, rent relief for eligible renters, suspension of rental increases, and a continued dispute resolution process.

“Victoria has and will continue to see the coronavirus affect the property market. It’s important that our rental providers and renters are aware of the changes and looked after as we move through this together” said Simone Curley, Manager of HomeGround Real Estate.

To ensure a transparent process, Consumer Affairs Victoria has recommended that any changes to agreements are put in writing and registered with their office. More information, including specific information for renters and rental providers can be found on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

“Our doors are always open and we encourage our rental providers and renters to speak with us if they have any questions” said Simone.

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